Newbridge College essentials bundle

Newbridge College school uniform essentials bundle We are delighted to bring back this great value uniform bundle, fittings for sizes can be done by phone or by appointment at a later date, adhering to all health and safety guidelines. Once you have placed your order we will be in touch with you to organise a fitting and confirm sizes. This offer is available until 4th May 2024.
  • GIRLS                           BOYS
  • Blazer✔️                        Blazer✔️
  • Blouse✔️                       Shirt✔️
  • Tie✔️                              Tie✔️
  • Skirt✔️                           Trousers✔️
  • Jumper✔️                     Jumper✔️
  • Hockey top✔️              Rugby top✔️
  • Hockey skort✔️           Rugby shorts✔️
  • Hockey socks✔️           Rugby socks✔️
  • Sports hoody✔️            School kit bag✔️
  • The jumper can be exchanged for a fleece if preferred.


We don’t need sizes at this stage. We will be in touch  with all customers who avail of this offer either by phone or email  to  to confirm sizes. Appointments are available for fittings in the shop. This bundle contains everything you need to start in your new secondary school: Newbridge College bundle Please do call us on 045 486445 or email us  at if you have any queries about the bundle.


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